Investing through Lumpsum method
in Mutual Fund is great way
to grow your surplus wealth.
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Future Value Calculator for Lumpsum Investment

This calculator determines the maturity amount of a present value lump sum investment, or a one-time investment, after a defined number of years. You need to key in the amount to be invested, investment horizon in number of years and expected rate of return to ascertain the maturity amount and the earning on the investment.

Lumpsum SIP Estimator

Use sliders to know the value of your Investment in MF Folios

Choose Lumpsum Amount
Expected ROI
Investment Tenure
Future Value of your investment
` {{ futurevalueindian }}
If you start investing ` {{ amountindian }}, will become ` {{ futureValue2 }} over a time with the wealth gain of ` {{ wealthgainindian }}
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